10 Ways to Search Google for Information That 98% of People Don’t Know About

Over the last few years Google has become a pretty magical technological wonder. Here are few tricks to save you from a lot useless effort to dig information.

1. Unimportant search words

Remove unimportant search words from your query.

Example, if you are interested to find about action movies, but you aren’t looking to buy them, you can write the following:

Google search tip 1

2. Finding similar websites

Find similar websites with the one site you like the most, type in “related:” and then the address of the site, again without a space between them.

Google Search Tip 2

3. Searching for URL or Title

Find the key words and name of an article, type “intitle:“ before the search term, without any spaces between them. In order to find the words from a URL, use ”inurl:”.

Google Search Tip inurl 3-1

4. Either this or that

If we’re not sure that we’ve correctly remembered the information to start our search. Simply put  ”or.” between variations. It’s easy enough to choose the result that makes the most sense.

Google Search tip 5

5. Searching within websites

Type the address of the site, then a keyword or entire phrase from the article and it will magically appear in search results.

Google Search Tip 5

6. The magical asterisk

When you have hard time recalling that one key word, phrase, or number we need in order to find what we’re looking for, you can turn to the powerful “*” symbol. Use this in the place of the word/phrase you can’t remember, and you should be able to find the results you’re looking for.

Google Search Tip 6


7.Using a time frame

Get the information of events that occurred during a certain period of time. Simply, add a time frame to your search query with the help of three dots between the dates.

For example, if we want to find out about innovations during the 2014 to 2016, we can write:

Google search Tip 7

8. Whole phrases

Put the search term within quotation marks and Google will find website with exact matching keywords or phrases for you.

 Google Tip 8

9. Missing lots of words

 When you can’t remember a more then one keywords, try writing out the first and last words and putting “AROUND + (the approximate number of missing words)“ between them. For example, ”how AROUND(2) rich.”
Google Search Tip 9

10. Searching using synonyms

If you need to find websites on a given subject rather than those that include a specific phrase, add the “~” symbol to your search.

For example, if you search for the term “most expensive ~vehicle” you’ll get results about the most expensive cars of all sorts sedan, SUV, etc. as well as auctions and other details too.

Google Search tip 10